2022 Lee Smith Clinic


Join us for a clinic like no other, with Lee Smith – June 23-26th here at the ranch! We’ll start some colts and learn to create a better partnership with our horses!

I Am Angus | After the Buffalo


After the Buffalo: Our very own, Kelsey Ducheneaux, was featured by I Am Angus. They came to the ranch to learn more about the history, what we’re doing now, and…

Tuning Your Horse Into You


Tuning your horse into you isn’t as hard as it sounds. It’s important to have a plan when you’re handling your horse. If we don’t make the plan, they’ll make…

Come Ride With Us!


We are so excited to offer our horsemanship workshop for a second year. And of course you’re still free to book a vacation with us whenever you’d like! Come ride…

Siouxperman: the Second Date


What do we have going in this one? First of all, you’ll notice that some parts are sped up. We are not, not speeding up the process, just the video…

Siouxperman: The First Date


Occasionally we will be sharing the observations and thoughts from our intern, Yahel. She’s from Israel and is spending the Winter with us.  We’re really glad to have her. Her…

Art of the Cowgirl


Today as you read this, we will be headed South, to Art of the Cowgirl in Phoenix. We’re taking a home-raised filly — one we’re pretty dang proud of. In…

Getting a Colt Comfortable (In Uncomfortable Situations)


I’ve got to ride quite a few colts this past Summer. In my string I have two 3 year olds, and a 4 year old. The four year old mare…

Get Your Horse Ready to Bridle


Have you ever known someone with a horse that would consistently frustrate them with something they were asking, but someone more experienced might come along and get there with almost…

Let Freedom Rein


Our fearless leader, Zach Ducheneaux, recently had a chance to visit with Jason S. on his podcast “Let Freedom Rein”. He shared a bit about our ranch, some of the…