Balancing the Out-Of-Balance Horse


Since the sound is hard to hear (for some reason) on this video,  you can watch it, and below the video we’ll tell you what Zach was saying.

95% of the horses in the world are out of balance. They go faster than the people riding them want them to go.  So everybody is always pulling on their face to get them to stop.

Now, if we make ourselves an expert on riding that horse slower without pulling on his face , work on our ability to rebalance them slower, every horse is going to be better.

That rearing up business, that’s feet that are too active.   We can give them something to do with their feet in lieu of that.

If Chachi wanted to rear up, I’d just bring his big ol’ head over here, and say hey, how about you just move your feet. That’s cool. move your feet. If he’s doing this he cannot rear up. It’s not physically possible.   Eventually the horse will be happy to park somewhere for you.

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