Proper Saddling Technique


There’s a correct and incorrect order in which to saddle your horse. When done correctly it will keep you and your horse out of a wreck. When done incorrectly, well, you might find the saddle somewhere that you’d rather not have it be.

Good Horsemanship Principles


Essentially, the teaching philosophy we strive to employ is based largely on our study of Ray Hunt’s horse training and philosophies. At no point in time have we sought, or…

A breakfast of champions!

Those of you who’ve been to the ranch and had the pleasure of eating here know, when it comes to meals, we don’t skimp. Whether it is blueberry bacon stuffed…

The Over the Horn Exercise


We have a pretty extensive collection of horsemanship DVDs here at the ranch, and every three months we look forward to getting our Horseman’s Gazette, a quarterly DVD journal, published…

Balancing the Out-Of-Balance Horse


Since the sound is hard to hear (for some reason) on this video,  you can watch it, and below the video we’ll tell you what Zach was saying. 95% of…

The Feet, Mind, and Seat Connection


Having a good seat on your horse not only helps your horse, but it helps you stay balanced. We can ask our horse to do more advanced maneuvers if we…

Tips from the Ground


Dexterity, Awareness, and Positioning on the ground are all helpful in getting our horse to want to be with us before we go for a ride. If we aren’t balanced,…

Help your horse get caught


Here’s how we’d handle a hard-to-catch-horse.

Here’s What’s Happening at the Ranch


We mentioned, in June, the start of our project. Now you can hear Zach talk about it first-hand. He starts the video and is the last person to be featured.…

The Good We Can Do


“It’s time to give back.”  This is what Zach Ducheneaux said when asked to speak at the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance about the latest endeavor of the Ducheneaux Ranch…

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