Bridling Made Easy


Around here, we are all about becoming partners with our horses. We want our horses to “want” to help us. To “want” to be with us. To “want” to be…

What is a Snaffle Bit?


A snaffle is a snaffle because it isn’t a leverage bit. Any bit that has shanks becomes a curb bit (or leverage bit)- whether it has a broken mouthpiece (like a snaffle) or is a ported grazing bit. The reason for this is that a snaffle works on a direct rein and doesn’t utilize leverage.

Proper Saddling Technique


There’s a correct and incorrect order in which to saddle your horse. When done correctly it will keep you and your horse out of a wreck. When done incorrectly, well, you might find the saddle somewhere that you’d rather not have it be.

CSI Pads

Here on the ranch, we have become users of CSI Saddle Pads. We love the contour, the fact that they’re made right here in the USA, they’re green and we…