Horse of the Week

Last week, we failed to post our “Horse of the Week”, but in our defense, it was branding week here, which is always a fun-filled, super busy week. We’ll hopefully be back to our regularly scheduled programming from now on.

Oops is a coming 5 year old, grade gelding. He is sired by our Peppy San Badger stud, but is unregisterable. That doesn’t stop him from being 1. gorgeous, 2. nice to be around and 3. started.

He is currently priced at $400 but he will be going into the riding rotation shortly, and as such his price will go up. If ever you’ve wanted a stout, fun-to-be-around, pretty buckskin horse, Oops is the choice for you!





Please use the contact form above or email for more photos and information.

Smile and ride!

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