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We strive to put quality horsemanship first in all that we do. Everything we do on the place is done in a way that is consistent with our way of doing horsemanship.

horsemanship, chris dickinson photography, the dx ranch


A comfortable environment is critical to the capacity for learning. As a result, we will make sure that you are never exposed to a situation where your performance will “make or break” the days work.

If you feel like you have to push your horse or yourself beyond a comfortable level, you could lose focus on providing quality horsemanship in the heat of the moment. And that quality horsemanship is what the entire exercise was about.

horsemanship, the dx ranch, chris dickinson photography

We hope you’ll join us here at the ranch to experience horsemanship through cow work, through halter-breaking colts, through a first saddling, or whatever other job we may get to to do that day.  Bring your horse and let us help you work through the things you’re struggling with if you’d like.  By coming to the DX ranch to vacation or gain horsemanship experience, you’ll help do some good in our community, and the world, as, you’ll be helping to fund our non-profit, Project H3LP!