Summer Horsemanship School

Our Summer Horsemanship Program through Outside The Turn University is now open for applications!

Annually, we offer a limited number of colt starting/horse training/equine learning opportunities here at The DX Ranch for those 18 years and older. At this time, we do not have volunteer opportunities available.

The DX Ranch Summer Horsemanship School is unique, because from the first day, you will begin to advance your horsemanship — while helping horses get better as well. You are not simply a go-fer or a groom. Rest assured, there will be chores to do, however none of those is a job we won’t do right alongside you at some point. We will work closely with your Universities to make sure that the curriculum meets the needs of each student.

This program is not free as we provide housing, beef/fresh eggs, as well as our decades of experience. Applicants, if accepted, can bring, at their own transportation expense, one riding horse. Board for the horse is on us.




Length of Program:

4-8 weeks.

from the first day, you will begin to advance your horsemanship — while helping horses get better as well.

Tuition MAY prices vary based on experience and weeks attended.

Returning Interns may receive a reduced tuition rate based on their “try” from the previous year.

A non-refundable deposit of $450 will be required to reserve your spot upon acceptance. The balance for all weeks staying is due one month prior to your arrival.

What you’ll learn:

To ensure that you gain the most from your time at our Summer Horsemanship School, these positions are offered to those with some previous horse experience.  During your time here you will gain experience in applying our philosophies in the following activities, among others:

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  • Halter Breaking
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Colt Starting
  • Horseback cattle handling
  • Ranch Roping
  • Branding and doctoring cattle
  • Clinics
  • 4H/Youth Activities

Upon arrival we will work through fundamentals with you to determine your experience and course of study. We’ve found that every human and every horse have their own pace at which they learn the best, and we make it a point to try to identify yours early on. The horses you handle during your stay are chosen to suit your evolving abilities. We will not overwhelm any student (horse or Intern) with a highly intensive activity in order to complete an agenda.

The Horsemanship School runs from May through September each year. Currently, we can take up to 3 students at a time. We will provide no-cost transportation to and from the airport in Pierre, SD. On a case by case basis other arrangements can be made.


  • Chores are done daily by 7:30am (horses fed/watered and ready for their day).
  • Riding Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Saturday – Half day
  • Sunday – off

Application and process:

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To apply – Click here  (You should receive an email with your responses. If you do not, please let us know.) We require a video of you catching, saddling, bridling and riding a horse at all gaits. Video can be shared via YouTube, or Facebook, emailed or mailed via jump drive. You may also provide additional material for consideration at the time of submission. The form and video do not have to come together, but do need notify us when you’ve uploaded/mailed/emailed your video.

Submission, selection and offering of school positions is an ongoing process so the spots could fill by deadline, however we will maintain a waiting list should those spots fill.

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