“Adjust to fit the situation”

“If you stay in the well worn rut, you’re going to go exactly where everyone else went before.”

The first quote comes from a fellow that was looking for an answer to every situation. He was always willing to give the horse the benefit of the doubt, and would adjust the things he was doing, without changing the way he was doing it. I think that distinction is important, and is the essence of the concept of “feel”; which we’ll delve into in the future. For now, we’ll focus on the second quote. We’re going to talk about the third and final piece of our Lifemanship foundation: Presentation.

Presentation is understanding that to change an outcome, you have to start by examining what you are doing and be willing to change the things you do.

Through improved Awareness we’ve gotten ourselves in the moment and in a good frame of mind. By engaging Empathy we are attentive to our situation, trying to understand where our partner is coming from. Ideally we’ve assumed the leadership role, since we’ve got the idea we’re trying to bring to fruition.

Leadership position or not though, we’re in this situation, and we should ask ourselves, “am I having the success I’m seeking?” Equally as important, “can I expect a different outcome if I am unwilling to change the way I am doing things?” Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that you have a 98% success rate. So 2% of the time things don’t come out the how you’d hoped. That’s pretty damn good, so why worry about that 2%?

Our belief is that we’ll be a lot better, and build a stronger relationship with the 98% if we’re willing able to adjust what we’re doing to fit the 2% in a way that better suits them. We may never get there, but we’re going to try. We believe it is important to care about all of those relationships. We can do more, get further, and find more satisfaction together. Whatever our goal; the performance arena, a successful trail ride, a relaxed cowhorse, or even a more satisfying business relationship; If we accept that our Presentation is directly correlated to the outcome, we may be able to heave ourselves out of that rut and into fresh greener pastures of better relationships and improved outcomes. Don’t stay in the rut and look at it on the way by, head into that pasture, you might be missing something!



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