Siouxperman: The First Date


Occasionally we will be sharing the observations and thoughts from our intern, Yahel. She’s from Israel and is spending the Winter with us.  We’re really glad to have her. Her insights and background are allowing us to learn as much from her as she is from us!

She’s starting a big, soggy yellow horse, we call Siouxperman.

About the video, she writes:

Our first session, was kinda like a first date if you will- testing the ground, maybe a little bit awkward, trying to get to know one another. And as the cool guys say “you’ll have that”.

When we started, he was hard to catch, a bit spooky and ready to take off whenever the rope/flag got an inch too close.

In this video you’ll see the progress he made after just one time of working together building trust and confidence.

*notice how his neck is relaxed, his ears are fully engaged and overall body posture- feet are square most of the time which indicates he is not thinking or getting ready to sprint (doesn’t mean he wouldn’t- but it does demonstrate a more confident horse).

For more Siouxperman videos stay tuned, and feel free to ask questions – we’ll be happy to answer and share.

Stay warm and eat bacon!

Yahel & Siouxperman

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