Art of the Cowgirl


Today as you read this, we will be headed South, to Art of the Cowgirl in Phoenix. We’re taking a home-raised filly — one we’re pretty dang proud of. In…

Introduction to the 2016 Interns


Meet our 2016 ranch interns! We have a lot of Animal Science Majors this year, as well as an Equine Management Major (who isn’t in this video). Ranch interns learn…

Bridling Made Easy


Around here, we are all about becoming partners with our horses. We want our horses to “want” to help us. To “want” to be with us. To “want” to be…

What is a Snaffle Bit?


A snaffle is a snaffle because it isn’t a leverage bit. Any bit that has shanks becomes a curb bit (or leverage bit)- whether it has a broken mouthpiece (like a snaffle) or is a ported grazing bit. The reason for this is that a snaffle works on a direct rein and doesn’t utilize leverage.

Help your horse get caught


Here’s how we’d handle a hard-to-catch-horse.

Here’s What’s Happening at the Ranch


We mentioned, in June, the start of our project. Now you can hear Zach talk about it first-hand. He starts the video and is the last person to be featured.…

The Good We Can Do


“It’s time to give back.”  This is what Zach Ducheneaux said when asked to speak at the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance about the latest endeavor of the Ducheneaux Ranch…

A Legacy of Legends


This morning we find our whole crew in Las Vegas, Nevada at the South Point Hotel and Casino for an event we feel all horseman should attend. We’re at the…

Changing Leads


It’s something we’ve all wondered how to do, and maybe some of you have it mastered, but there’s things the horse needs to understand in order to make this happen,…

10 Equine Behaviors Every Horse Owner Should Recognize

Even if you don’t use Spalding Fly Predators (we do, and we love them- so if you want additional information please ask us), we can all benefit from their awesome…