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A Working Ranch Vacation at The DX Ranch, South Dakota.

You have probably looked at those working ranch vacations in Wyoming or Montana, admired the scenery and thought “Wouldn’t that be great?”.  Look a little further over and think about riding the ever changing plains of South Dakota.  At the DX Ranch you will find an affordable ranch vacation with a different flavour.  For a start, the scenery is very different, the work is real and is carried out on a ranch that is, first and foremost, a working ranch.

Your hosts, Zach Ducheneaux and Jenn Zeller, are both very welcoming people with an extremely high level of horsemanship skills and a comprehensive knowledge of the area in which they live.  You will feel like one of the family and have a great opportunity to get to know these two people plus other members of their extended family.

There is always plenty of work to be done on the Ranch and, in addition to this, you can improve your horsemanship skills in the covered arena and receive instruction and advice in horsemanship using the teachings passed down from Buck Brannaman.  Of course, when you are out gathering or sorting cattle those lessons extend to this area as well and it is then that you experience an improvement in your skills and a broader knowledge gained in horsemanship and cattle handling.

You will also feel a sense of belonging, once a work day is complete, and you will also get to admire the special landscape that are the plains of South Dakota – they are deceptive and diverse as you will discover once you are out there riding.

I found my time was a positive experience, negativity is nowhere to be seen and even horsemanship teaching/suggestions are given in a positive and encouraging light.  I travelled half way around the world to be there, to experience a vibrant and different landscape and enjoy the company of intelligent and fun people in Zach and Jenn along with the extended family.  I would highly recommend a visit to the DX Ranch as a working vacation with something different and unique in its location, plus a great opportunity to ride good horses, improve your horsemanship skills and experience a positive holiday that will remain with you always.  I am sure you will want to come back.


Pat Gleeson, N.D. BHSc


Victoria, Australia.