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“…the horse is never wrong…”

These five words, spoken by many but finally “heard” from Buck Brannaman, are the cornerstone of our philosophy at The DX Ranch.  Zach often talks about his “enlightenment” and how it changed his entire perspective on life.  Growing up around some of the best horses in the country, the opportunities to safely experiment to build one’s horsemanship skills were abundant on the Ducheneaux Ranch. We’d been making pretty good using horses by doing things our way, and were on the surface of our current form of horsemanship, but never got much deeper. Frankly, with the caliber of horses we were around, we didn’t need to.

Once we embraced this bedrock principle, the horsemanship and “lifemanship” on The DX Ranch began to grow exponentially. Everything that we have to offer is based on this premise.

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